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Attention dog lovers

As anyone who's watched the new film "Cats and Dogs" knows, there is a special relationship between canines and humans. The Kings County Kennel Club, which hosted their All-Breed Dog Show in May in Manhattan Beach Park, is having its next members' meeting July 28 and 29. The KCKC hosts these meetings to enable its members to forge even closer, more informed relationships with their best friends.

The meeting is free for members (annual fee $50) and will be informative for dog breeders that are just starting out. The meeting will address puppy care: what types of food they need (compared to adults), what age you should begin to train, what training is appropriate for what breed of dog, and what dog to buy if you have children. Young Alex B. is pictured here with a Black Russian Terrier, Sadko, at KCKC's May show.

For more information, call (718) 373-2959 or visit their Web site at

- Lisa J. Curtis